30 June 2009

Emma Watson for Elle

I've recently posted about Emma Watson, but I couldn't resist another one - she's fast growing up into a fashion-forward hottie, looking fierce on the cover of Elle UK's August issue, out now.

She's totting up her fashion points and is going to be an excellent position after the Harry Potter films - she's recently admitted she doesn't want to act anymore - and something tells me with Burberry contracts and friends like Christopher Bailey, Testino and Giles, she'll be a firm favourite as a muse/ model fixture in no time.

29 June 2009

The Eccentric Emperor

I'm enjoying reading about Joshua Abraham Norton - the self-appointed 'His Imperial Majesty Emperor Norton I'. Born in England in 1819, he wound up in San Fransisco, via South Africa, and proclaimed himself to be a Very Important Person and 'Emperor of theses United States'. Despite being an Englishman - and eccentric to the point of assumed insanity after losing his fortune - he was welcomed as a celebrated citizen in 19th century San Fran.

'Norton spent his days as emperor inspecting the streets of San Francisco in an elaborate blue uniform with tarnished gold-plated epaulets, given to him by officers of the United States Army post at the Presidio of San Francisco. He also wore a beaver hat decorated with a peacock feather and a rosette. He frequently enhanced this regal posture with a cane or an umbrella. During his inspections, Norton would examine the condition of the sidewalks and cable cars, the state of repair of public property, and the appearance of police officers. Norton would also frequently give lengthy philosophical expositions on a variety of topics to anyone within earshot at the time.'

He died in 1880 and a very large, very public, funeral followed. He must be one of the forefathers of the eccentric English gentleman figure: megalomania embodied, a raconteur famed for his whimsical tales, living a bohemian penniless existence, dressed up in his own uniform, administering his own currency (ten dollar note issued by the 'Imperial Government of Norton I', pictured), parading around with delusions of grandeur… and wearing a beaver hat. I find not enough men wear beaver hats these days.

English gentry, ex-pats and eccentrics the world over: take note - start behaving like you own the place and you'll be revered!

26 June 2009


There's nothing to add about the terrible events of the past 24 hours that hasn't been said thousands of times already; both Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett passing away (and hoax rumours of Jeff Goldblum) have left fans worldwife saddened and distraught.

The King of Pop died at fifty, of a suspected overdose of Demerol (by his doctor - currently on the run from the LAPD), in his rented home in Los Angeles. He had an addiction to painkillers well-documented by the media, bad health resulting in various illnesses, lots of surgery and he was dogged by constant paparazzi pressures, rumours and courtcases. No one can survive sustained lengths of stress. Since being a child, thrust into the limelight by his overpowering father, he lived his life in the public eye and his struggle to prepare for the gruelling 50 date residence in London took its toll and he couldn't handle the strain.

As the news unfolded last night on every newswire, gossip website, twitter and primarily TMZ, the internet crashed as millions of fans logged on for updates and the tributes started pouring in.

Truly tragic - we've lost one of the greatest musicians in modern history: talented megastar, pop genius, musical icon; every hyperbolic title you can think of applies. RIP MJ.

Spiritual America: Revisited

There's a contemporary art sale next week in London, featuring Richard Prince's Spiritual America IV portrait from 2005.

Scantily clad in a string bikini and mired ankle deep in nitrogen fog, Brooke Shields poses against a Vengeance chopper- a revisit of Richard Prince's most important and notorious works to date, Spiritual America from 1983.

At the onset of his career, Prince appropriated advertising images for his own artistic oeuvre. In 1983, he encountered a photograph of the naked ten year old child actor, below, taken by photographer Gary Gross. In 1975, Brooke Shields' mother had paid $450 to have Gross represent her daughter as a heavily made up, androgynous seductress.The resulting risqué publicity shot would launch Brooke Shields' career by landing her a leading role in the 1978 hit film Pretty Baby in which she played a child raised in a brothel.

Prince entitled the photo By Richard Prince, A Photograph of Brooke Shields by Garry Gross, but the photo is better known by the title given to the entire project: Spiritual America.

The lot on sale tomorrow is less controversial due to the fact Shields is now 4o-odd, but still - it's a strong image and I love artists referencing their previous projects and revisiting defining work.

25 June 2009

Opera Gallery

Last night I went to the Opera Gallery on New Bond Street to the opening of their new exhibition to coincide with Salvador Dali's death. There was lashings of champagne and towers of macaroons and lots of Mayfair men with their arm candy. Then onto dinner at Langans for the same.

My Vogue is a Book of Rules

I'm getting impatient waiting for the second SATC movie... Almost a year until its release! I haven't watched Sex and the City for so long - I saw a snippet of an episode on Five US recently and it took me several whole seconds to place the episode, scene, next lines, outfits etc.

So whilst I'm getting to the point where I feel I've done the series, I still don't tire of the fashion. I love looking to Patricia Field's vivid imagination and mismatched glamour for inspiration.

I have an old Vogue filled with my favourite looks over the years: catwalk reportage, shoots from glossies, ripped out newspaper photographs, my own snaps of gorgeous, stylish friends and advertising campaign photos. And lots of SATC looks. God Bless Ms Field.

24 June 2009

Player's Lounge at Gilgamesh

Last night I went to Gilgamesh in Camden for the launch of their Player's Lounge, open throughout Wimbledon. There was a fresh twist on their delicious signature dishes such as strawberries and cream wonton - rather surprisingly, they were gorgeous - and lots of tennis touches in the decor. Members of staff kitted out in whites served us (geddit?) summery cocktails whilst we watched the action on the big screens direct from SW19... Who needs Murray Mound when you've got Murray Mint cocktails?

The Player's Lounge at GILGAMESH
Experience Wimbledon with a difference at Gilgamesh this summer; for the duration of the Wimbledon season the critically acclaimed Pan-Asian restaurant will be opening an exclusive Player's Lounge.
Transforming Gilgamesh into a mini-Wimbledon mecca with astro-turf throughout, guests will be offered the Murray Martini made with Murray Mint infused vodka and Strawberry and Cream Wontons while they watch the match in comfort from the screens provided.

Emma Watson in Teen Vogue

New face of Burberry, Emma Watson, graces the cover of the latest US Teen Vogue, out today.

She looks gorgeous in the shoot, dressed up to the nines and looking very regal in tasteful jewel colours, dramatic structural shapes and shiny fabrics. It's beautifully shot - I love the faded tones and muted, dusty heritage feel. The primary colours on the cover is absolutely hideous though; someone fire their art director...


22 June 2009

Some reasons to love tennis

Damn... I love Wimbledon: the pristine new white kits (Federer had a waistcoat today), the chic Ralph Lauren blazers, adrenaline-fuelled courts, buzzing crowds, strawberries and cream, balmy evenings and, erm, ripped arms.

Vintage Chanel

Whilst researching vintage Chanel pieces, I came across this sick outfit. Classic monochrome Chanel with a hefty dose of hip hop styling thrown in? Hell yes.

I'd wear this right now, but unfortunately it's from the Autumn/ Winter 1991 collection. Call me ignorant, but I had no idea Lagerfeld had an urban streetwear phase. Apparently, he loved the chains he introduced around this time so much he started working them into every look, creating the signature chain-heavy celebrated Chanel style.


19 June 2009

I want this:



Last night we went to play Petanque, drink wines and eat seafood paella at Hays Galleria in London Bridge. It was a lovely, bright evening and a really nice bunch of wine, food and lifestyle journos were there.

The big laugh of the night came from one of my teammate's horrendous first attempt at playing, much to her - and my - dismay, but we comfortably and steadily crawled up the tournament table to a whopping fourth (out of six teams, ahem).

Then we went back to the Decanter cellar and sampled lots of beautiful wines in a dimly-lit boardroom until midnight. Midsummer Night's Riesling.

18 June 2009

Crazy Bear

Last night I went to the new Crazy Bear members club on Mercer Street in Covent Garden. It's all ridiculous over-the-top-opulence and fabulous extravagance: patent leather ceiling, gilt gold mirrors, diamond buttons on Chesterfield bar stools, huge chandeliers, glossy fabrics and shiny walls...

It's an assault on the senses and a great new spot for media darlings with a penchant for champagne cocktails, especially as Soho House is long dead. The lovely manager made me a member so it's my new favourite central, OTT watering hole.

17 June 2009

Mutual Appreciation

The principal characters are Lawrence, Ellie, Alan and Sara. Lawrence, a teaching assistant, and Ellie have been together for about a year. Lawrence loves Ellie, and she outwardly reciprocates while masking her doubts about their relationship. Sara is a radio disc jockey. She meets Alan, a former member of a band called The Bumblebees, at the radio station and invites him to her apartment.

16 June 2009

CFDAs: Diane Kruger

Consistent style crush Diane Kruger packed a punch in a vibrant orange dress last night on the brown (er..?) carpet at the CDFAs, from current fave Jason Wu. Doesn't matter what anyone else was wearing; they all pale into insignificance. Queen Kruger.

15 June 2009

Buff Ting Bling

This blinging Stephen Webster ring - currently on show at Coutts London Jewellery Week - has shot its way up to the top of my want list.

Gold-plated, £200 and fabulously-named 'Superstud', it's the perfect cocktail ring to slip on poolside (next to a superstud, natch). Although, I don't have any holidays planned yet - I need an upcoming poolside scenario before I could justify splurging... Booking a holiday to fit around a ring: this is all wrong - and it's Stephen Webster's fault.

12 June 2009

Count Louis Marie de Castelbajac

Massive crush on Count Louis Marie de Castelbajac. Not only is he a gorgeous actor, French aristocracy, very well-dressed, son of the fabulous JC de Castelbajac (love him), but he's dating burlesque bombshell Dita Von Teese as well, 11 years his senior. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.

He's so hot he makes Dita look lacking in composure, which is quite an achievement.

When we arrived at the Dolce & Gabbana party in Cannes last month, they were leaving - she looked teeny tiny, so pale she was almost translucent and incredibly prim and proper next to her new smouldering aristo playboy.

They were papped loads getting in their car - she looked calm and collected with a frozen smile whilst he looked distinctly unimpressed by the flashbulbs rammed in his face. Kylie was there too, looking surprisingly sexy in a hot pink D&G number. I always thought she'd be just too damn small to look hot but she looked great flirting with the cameras and stomping around in massive heels with a massive grin on her face. New Kylie convert!

11 June 2009

My Gosh Marvellous

I missed the launch party at Proud this weekend, but my friend's new trademark-infringing club night My Gosh Marvellous started with a bang with a room full of stylish, debauched Londoners dressed up in fancy 30s and 40s garb.

Watching MGM movies is my favourite thing to do with my Grandma, and I'm certain dancing around as if I'm in one dressed to the nines in fabulous vintage glad rags will soon become my favourite thing to do on an evening.  Viva la golden era! See you at the next one.

Matthew Williamsonline

Matthew Williamson has just launched his new online shop (along with Luella this month, I can't believe they're only just getting round to it. It isn't 2000; every designer should be webbed up to maximise sofa splurges). Anyway, to celebrate the launch he's is offering the chance to win a £2,500 shopping spree.

This gorgeous coral dress from his recent collection is so perfect for highlighting golden summer skin and it's unique details and colour means you'll stand out for the crowd. Unless you're Cheryl Cole, Lindsay Lohan, Eva Longoria, current muse Leigh Lezark, Jaime Winstone and any other starlet the dress is doing the rounds on. Once it's been worn by two slebs, surely it's just embarassing to be papped in it afterwards? We might have another galaxy dress epidemic on our hands.
The first to wear it, Cheryl looked resplendent in hers at an X Factor 2008 show. And here's another Cheryl-looking-hot-at-the-X-Factor freebie thrown in, this time dazzling in a fuschia Krystof Strozyna dress. To coincide with the debut JLS single doing the rounds on all the music channels, photos in the press of the judges glammed up in Glasgow or wherever and the 2009 auditions starting , I am officially excited about the X Factor.

4 June 2009


I am looking forward to going to Amsterdam this afternoon to cycle by the canals, see pretty flowers, stop at pavement cafes for wine and pastries, see my brother and his girlfriend and go back to the best interior design shop ever. My bro bought me the white rubber vase (pictured below) for my birthday last month after I professed how much I liked it two months ago. Top brother points, Chris.


3 June 2009

Map of the Planet Mongo


2 June 2009

Luella Website Launch

Luella launched her new website today complete with online shop. A perfect reason to spend an afternoon pining for pretty party dresses... As if you need an excuse.
Little Boots wearing Luella's Venetia coat shot in NYC, Spring 2oo9

Ode to Anna Friel

Oh, Anna Friel, how I love thee. Having gone down in my estimation after her doomed appearance on Jonathan Ross (no self-respecting girl talks toilet talk) she's shot back up again wearing this gorgeous draped grey gown this weekend in Hollywood. At the premiere of Land of the Lost she won fashion points for teaming her dress with bronzed gold accessories (rather than the more obvious choice of silver) and killer metallic platforms.

I've always liked Anna Friel since I saw her in Midsummer Night's Dream in 1999. I remember writing her into every drama paper I possibly could regardless of suitability: 'if I was directing this play I would use an actress like AF due to her personable, naïve and endearing nature/ I would use an actress like AF as I can visualise her strength and ruthless, forthright manner working well within these scenes' etc.

You're slowly but surely regaining your position in my heart, Anna. Now, don't ever disappoint me again.
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