2 June 2009

Ode to Anna Friel

Oh, Anna Friel, how I love thee. Having gone down in my estimation after her doomed appearance on Jonathan Ross (no self-respecting girl talks toilet talk) she's shot back up again wearing this gorgeous draped grey gown this weekend in Hollywood. At the premiere of Land of the Lost she won fashion points for teaming her dress with bronzed gold accessories (rather than the more obvious choice of silver) and killer metallic platforms.

I've always liked Anna Friel since I saw her in Midsummer Night's Dream in 1999. I remember writing her into every drama paper I possibly could regardless of suitability: 'if I was directing this play I would use an actress like AF due to her personable, naïve and endearing nature/ I would use an actress like AF as I can visualise her strength and ruthless, forthright manner working well within these scenes' etc.

You're slowly but surely regaining your position in my heart, Anna. Now, don't ever disappoint me again.

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