27 February 2009

LFW Round-up

London Fashion Week whizzed past pretty quickly this year!  Collections were safe and wearable as designers were limited by what they can get away with - buyers will be going with stylish staples for recessionistas and fewer experimental flash-in-the-pan pieces.  Which meant luxurious touches and details were pushed back onto wearable items, which will translate well to the high street.  Hooray.


Friday's ffffound

Excellent poster artwork from ffffound.

26 February 2009

World's Smallest Postal Service

This is such a sweet little company:
World’s Smallest Postal Service is a fantastic tiny letter transcription service by artist Lea Redmond.

Here’s how the miniature mail service works: You write a letter up to six sentences and Lea will transcribe it onto tiny stationary using a microscopic ink pen. It then goes into a tiny envelope which gets addressed, receives a miniature stamp and gets sealed with a miniscule wax seal with your initial on it. The letter comes with a magnifying glass.

It’s an adorable idea for a teeny tiny gift that makes a big impression. (via coolhunting)

Levi's Secrets and Lies

I just went on the Levi's website and laughed out loud at this video (on the homepage):

It's so inappropriate for a jeans advertisement. Obviously the sexy hand-held couple-cam idea can work very well, but this is needlessly seedy, one-night-stand-ish and, frankly, hilarious. Funny, funny marketers out there...

25 February 2009

LFW Day #5

Last night I went to the Azzaro pop-up store launch on Mount Street (favourite look above - most of the range was too glitzy even for me), then onto the Punk Loves Couture Party. Azzaro was too dry, Punk too busy - the goody bags at both an absolute joke - and the pull of getting home for pancakes at midnight too alluring...

And now we sleep...


Ashish - a personal favourite of LFW - sent out models in sequins, sequins, sequins, neon animal prints, bold patterns and acid-bright make up. Less to wear than recent collections, but a standout collection with vibrant, in-your-face pieces and Ashish attitude stamped all over it...  A bold highlight of the low-key week.


24 February 2009

Dior Zebra Trench

From last year, but I still want this zebra trent from Dior. Fierce girls wear fierce prints!


Emilio de la Morena

Emilio de la Morena's SS09 range had some gorgeous hits of royal blue, which seems to be popping up everywhere on the high street and flashes at LFW parties.

Emilio's perfect for dressing strong, confident women with body-con dresses in bold, vivid colours. He's the sculptural Alaïa of the 00s! His dresses are gorgeous and we should all buy up before Posh does and ruins him for everyone.

23 February 2009

Charles Anastase

Pixie the Disgrace, at Charles Anastase. Such a bad, bad look!


LFW Day #3

PPQ, Christopher Kane, Met Bar Pink Drinks & Mahiki Oscars Party.

21 February 2009

LFW Day #2


20 February 2009

LFW Day #1

Tonight I will be flitting between the following:
The Universe of Keith Haring and Arthouse Films Private Screening @ Beach Blanket Babylon/ Simply Madonna: Materials of the Girl Press Viewing @ Truman Brewery/ Dazed party @ Cordy House/ Andew Majtenyi after party @ Vendome... Glad it's a Friday.


Kate Spade

When I move to New York (when not if) I'm so gonna be the Kate Spade girl. Bright, chic, simple and not too try-hard. Well, at least a girl with a Kate Spade-interspersed wardrobe, mixing it up with the swathes and swathes of black on my rail...

I'm not a fan of all of her accessories - the prim boxy totes and huge plaque branding can be a bit full-on for me, but I love the playful shapes and lacquered bright colours. Now, where can I get that trench?

Friday's ffffound: mellow yellow

I love this shot taken from ffffound. So cute. I can't wait until spring so I can prance around meadows in a flouncy tea dress (not that there are any meadows in London).


19 February 2009

Of Kors


Catwalk Trends: Make up & Purple

Before the news from the current fashion weeks eclipses previous seasons, my two favourite key make up looks from last season's catwalk were the bold brows on the blonde girls at Chanel Spring/Summer 2009:

And Zac Posen's icy violet lips on ice blond and clear, pale skin at his Spring/Summer 09 collection. Playing with purple lips is such a great way of updating a look and giving a classic, clean face a modern update:

Purple is still going to be big player looking at the Autumn/ Winter 2009 collections, as seen at New York Fashion Week with (from left-right) Jill Stuart highlighting violets and lilac throughout her (stunning) collection, J Mendel using rich plum shades, gorgeous smoky lilacs at Max Azria and Lela Rose opting for bluish indigo.
Getting carried away now...

War Child Gig

Who needs The Brits? The review of the War Child gig last night on The Times website gave me goosebumps. I would love to have seen this line-up:

Read the full article on The Perfect Boy Band.

18 February 2009

Another Scarlet Cover Magazine

The 15th issue of Another Magazine has the beautiful Scarlett Johansson on the cover, looking like a Japanese-style Stepford Wife with natural eye make up, rich berry lips and a neat side parting.

I love the kimono shots in the spread. I hope Geisha top-knots come into fashion (Lykke Li's trying) - nothing's quicker than piling fresh-from-the-shower wet hair on top of your head, slicking it back; out the door...


17 February 2009

Paul & Joe Playsuit

I saw this Paul & Joe playsuit on Fashion Confidential today. Springtime's the best time for romping! I'm so buying it...

Vintage Visage

Originally uploaded by Salomé Vorfas

I love this image... Drawn on pencil eyebrows, dark lips and a glassy stare - looks straight from the twenties.

16 February 2009

Love Gets Better

LOVE magazine's launch issue shines compared to their original draft cover.

Obviously Beth Ditto's fabulous and I love the firm two fingers up at the typical coverstar shape, but NME (competitor publishing house, too...) did this last year:

Jaw-dropping/ ground-breaking/ breaking the mould/ smashing stereotypes (blah blah blah) back in June 2008, sure - but limping onto the magazine market with a copied concept...? Place votes now; NME or LOVE cover?

First Must-Have Dress for the Spring

I love this SS09 Primark dress, which is out in March. They come up top trumps for their fresh, bold spring prints. The coral brings it up to date, and I love tulips all year round! The British high street treats us well...

13 February 2009

Swaparama Razzmatazz

Swaparama Razzmatazz was brilliant last night. I swapped a particularly fetching vintage sequined dress with Princess Eugenie who was dancing and drinking shots with Chelsy Davy. I left at 2am, walking home in the snow in someone else's pyjamas, a couple of bandanas and a fringed cowboy shirt.  Best night out in a long time!


Like Love?

Ignoring all the doom and gloom, Condé Nast stride ahead with launching new titles. High-end, luxury new titles. Here’s a preview of superstylist and POPstar Katie Grand’s new Love magazine.

What are they thinking? I don't like this sterile cover - the faux-regal, austere English pose and typography - especially the bevelled gravestone font. Fashion and fame? Inappropriate and lame! Hmm, let's see how many issues...

12 February 2009

Girls Aloud Book Launch

Last night at the Girls Aloud book launch at Waterstones, Sarah Harding looked fun, on trend and cheery in her clashing getup.

I love clashing brights and you can't go wrong with a thick black belt and black chunky ankle boots. Especially not if they're Georgina Goodman.

Rainbow Brights

I like the Spring/Summer 2009 make up trends - especially Gucci's - to beat the winter blues! "This is not a time for downbeat make-up," said Max Factor's Global Creative Director Pat McGrath. Hoorah.

Tonight I am going to Swaparama Razzmatazz at Favela Chic, so will already be channeling the crazy clashing brights look with charity shop finds - colour block eyes in a gorgeous tropical electric blue sounds perfect to complete the look.

Any girl who dares to wear brights - fuschia lips, emerald green eyelashes, royal purple eyeliner; anything - deserves a gold star. Rimming with rock chic kohl brings the look down from mad child playing with mummy's make up.

2006 was the year for neon, 2009 is the year for tropical. Fun and sunshine, there's enough for everyone...

10 February 2009

Carousel at the Savoy Theatre

Last night I went to see Carousel at the Savoy Theatre. It was gentle, girly, sweet and old-fashioned. In a good way. Lesley Garrett's voice sounded so beautiful, and Rodgers & Hammerstein's music warmed the cockles on a particularly bleak, wintry London evening. I'm still humming What's the Use of Wondrin'...


Rihanna at the Grammys

Rihanna looked buff this weekend in her black sequinned getup performing at a pre-Grammys party, before things took a turn for the worse with Chris Brown. They both pulled out and didn't turn up to the actual awards ceremony (she was in hospital; him in a prison cell)... Grim. I hope things are smoothed out quickly for her!

9 February 2009

Roaring Trade at Soho Theatre

I went to see Roaring Trade at Soho Theatre on Saturday, which was the last night of a 4 week run.

Perfectly timed in terms of relevance, the play highlights city excesses and the stress of risky make-or-break deals. It was brilliant - the credible script, strong cast of 6 and realistic characters made for a thoroughly engaging 2 hours and I was disappointed when the lights came up.

If it tours or comes back in the West End, everyone must go see it. I'm surprised it's not recognised at the Olivier Awards. I'm going to see Steve Thompson's next play, as apparently he excels in the nitty-gritty office drama field; I just hope he doesn't foretell another future crisis.

6 February 2009


5 February 2009

Amanda Palmer at Electric Ballroom

Last night I went to see Amanda Palmer at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. It was an entertaining show, although she played loads of songs she'd "never played onstage before" for fear of repeating her last London show. Which meant a silent-at-times crowd and the audience distracted by bubbles.

She also kept asking for donations for her backing group, The Danger Ensemble, including starting an auction for a 30cm piece of "art" which went for £400. AP has sold out her tour including this, a 1000+ capacity venue, and is signed to a big international record label; you're not a penniless bohemian peasant - you buy them dinner, love.

This is a still taken from her blog, of her new video. This is someone's actual apartment!:

I like her very much, but the show lacked the electricity and spark on Who Killed Amanda Palmer? More for stonking on an indie disco dancefloor, or listen-at-home record, this...

4 February 2009

Amanda Palmer Tonight

I am going to see Amanda Palmer tonight, and I am very excited. This is a still taken from her blog, of her new video. This is someone's actual apartment!:



... is just round the corner. Start planning!


2 February 2009

Snow Bunny

Everyone's all wrapped up in layers, bobble hats and little red noses, channeling the snow bunny look (like a slightly less glamorous Victoria's Secret version):

It hasn't snowed like this in 18 years in London, and it's come to a standstill. I went out to play at midnight, and took this at City Hall.

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