Rainbow Brights

Rainbow Brights

I like the Spring/Summer 2009 make up trends - especially Gucci's - to beat the winter blues! "This is not a time for downbeat make-up," said Max Factor's Global Creative Director Pat McGrath. Hoorah.

Tonight I am going to Swaparama Razzmatazz at Favela Chic, so will already be channeling the crazy clashing brights look with charity shop finds - colour block eyes in a gorgeous tropical electric blue sounds perfect to complete the look.

Any girl who dares to wear brights - fuschia lips, emerald green eyelashes, royal purple eyeliner; anything - deserves a gold star. Rimming with rock chic kohl brings the look down from mad child playing with mummy's make up.

2006 was the year for neon, 2009 is the year for tropical. Fun and sunshine, there's enough for everyone...