Amanda Palmer at Electric Ballroom

Amanda Palmer at Electric Ballroom

Last night I went to see Amanda Palmer at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. It was an entertaining show, although she played loads of songs she'd "never played onstage before" for fear of repeating her last London show. Which meant a silent-at-times crowd and the audience distracted by bubbles.

She also kept asking for donations for her backing group, The Danger Ensemble, including starting an auction for a 30cm piece of "art" which went for £400. AP has sold out her tour including this, a 1000+ capacity venue, and is signed to a big international record label; you're not a penniless bohemian peasant - you buy them dinner, love.

This is a still taken from her blog, of her new video. This is someone's actual apartment!:

I like her very much, but the show lacked the electricity and spark on Who Killed Amanda Palmer? More for stonking on an indie disco dancefloor, or listen-at-home record, this...