30 April 2009

Dream Living Room

I love my apartment, but I love this more:

One day... This was taken from the defunct Domino in the States. I'll have more books (and I will one day have a library ladder to reach them all), more plants, a vintage cocktail cabinet and flashes of a bright colour to keep the look fresh. All this photo's missing: a mojito, magenta and a very happy ELL.

29 April 2009


Mr Christopher recently gave me a heads up on The Sartorialist's cooler little brother: Lookbook showcases fresh style and innovative outfits from around the world. It's just as addictive, voyeuristic and inspirational as the best street style blogs out there.

Some of the looks are a bit try-hard and fancy dress and some of the too cool for school stylish kids featured are literally kids, but it's a good antidote to the monotonous cream and beige layering and safe grey tailoring (ad nauseum) on The Sartorialist...

Love this gorgeous little French Audrey. Cute but unique enough to have an edge; c'est belle!

27 April 2009

The sun has got his polyrattan

After the glorious weather this weekend, I've picked up the pace searching for a gorgeous outdoor dining set. There are loads of great mid-range furniture sets available online.

I'm particularly taken with all the synthetic wicker materials which have become popular over the past few years. Plastic outdoor furniture makes me think of shiny white tables and chairs at children's birthday parties, my memory of which is complete with dodgy paper tablecloths, cocktail sausages with cheddar cheese and pineapple cubes.

These days plastic furniture means chic matt black polyrattan, sleek glasstop tables, sturdy armchairs with weatherproof cream cushions to collapse on for cocktails and poolside chilling.

This set's from Littlewoods, so comes with the very reasonable Littlewoods price tag. Now I just need the pool...

25 April 2009

Beyonce Obsessed

At the screening for Obsessed Beyoncé wore a brave Balmain sequinned dress - on paper, fabulous but in reality, quite divisive. I love Balmain and I love bodycon, but I'm not 100% sure this is working for her. I think it's just that bit too tight on her curves and there is a vile floor-length train (I chose this image because it shows the least of it) which sends the dress over the edge into can-she-pull-that-off territory?

I love the vintage 80s disco prom dress frill hem though and anything with black sequins is half way there for me... Brave girl! Balmain is becoming a fast firm favourite with the A-listers after going from strength to strength over the last few collections, especially at the moment whilst everyone's shoulder-obsessed and raving about the label's bold futuristic statement pieces.

I noticed earlier this month Beyonce wore Balmain's stunning crystal-embellished military canvas jacket from the Spring 2009 collection out for dinner in New York. Oh, to have £6k to spend on a jacket...

23 April 2009

Give Me Sympathtea

This week, the hottest of April so far and this April being the hottest we've had this century, is not the best week to be ill. I have been bed-bound and doped up due to a mean throat virus/ bacterial infection (medical mystery - who knows what's up with me?)  Anyway, it's been pretty frustrating having to cross a red marker through my diary this week...

I managed two fun evenings: Sunday night I went to Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes for a London Swing Dance Society event (watching, not dancing) then over to watch some awesome improv with The Comedy Store Players. Monday night I went to see PJ Harvey at Shepherd's Bush Empire, which was brilliant although she played a few too many slow songs for my liking.

I cancelled plans on Tuesday in favour of some R&R and last night I missed the opening for this fabulous exhibition at Getty Images:

And then we were going to head to the Regent Street H&M for Matthew Williamson's launch party with Vogue. According to the Marie Claire website today, it was a pretty cool party.

Today is St George's Day and being the big patriot (uh, that's it - not just any excuse to celebrate-iot) today calls for celebratory drinks - if it wasn't for the antibiotics and week off work, Pimms by the river on a lovely spring's evening in London is just what the doctor ordered (sadly, not literally).

Oh well, tonight I have a massage at the gorgeous Soho Hotel to perk me up.

I really wanted to go see the new pop-up vintage tea room which has been open this week, noon-7pm. You can buy all the one-off ceramics and retro teaware once the shop closes this weekend. It sounds fun because a) I love the spontaneity of pop-up anything and b) I absolutely love tea (see, I am a traditionalist patriot?). It's at 47 Lamb’s Conduit St., WC1N 3NG - 020 7242 9876 - go and please tell me I haven't missed out...

20 April 2009

Piccadilly Prancers

Trident's PR just sent a press release round with this video of some fierce ladies prancing around Piccadilly Circus today in a Beyoncé flashmob.

100 ‘Single Ladies’ stopped traffic traffic today with a spontaneous performance of Beyoncé’s famous ‘single ladies’ dance in Piccadilly Circus, to celebrate the announcement by Trident of its exclusive Beyoncé gig in November for Trident consumers.

Book Club Boutique

On 27 April I'm going to go to the Book Club Boutique in Soho for Punk Fiction Anthology launch party with Johnny Marr and Kele Okereke.

I've never actually been to the Book Club Boutique, but I love the resurgence of book clubs at nights like Book Slam and the booming (although stuffier and wannabe-elitist) Poetry Café in Covent Garden.

It's in Dick's Bar on Romilly Street - a cosy basement retreat with a relaxed atmosphere and great cocktails; which sounds like a perfect way to ease in the new week.

17 April 2009

The Lounge After Dark

Last night we went to Maya for the launch of a brand new Thursday night event called "The Lounge After Dark". I'm not keen on Maya - especially not the Essex slags and try-hard wide boys who fill the place - but I'm keen on fizz, so it was a good night.

Maya London, situated in London's Fashion Hub of Soho, is launching THE Thursday night the West End has been craving for.

The night will be made up of our superb female hosts bringing you an array of flavour and party people. With various themes from week to week, we give you a reason to go and absolutely party!

Leo from The Streets and Nickie Cartel bring you the best tunes from the world of house, electro, r&b and club fromage to keep you dancing till your feet hurt.

With celebrity hosts, celebrity DJs, paparazzi and a red carpet...this is a mid-week event not to be missed.

Stamping All Over The Place

My best friend said she saw this and thought of me. She knows me very well, I LOVE it. I want stamp-collecting to be the new retro hobby-cum-scenester activity. Knitting is so 2005 (although Stitch N Bitch are still leading the ever-popular revolution; including the London gang with their regular meetings). Stamp Club, anyone?


Product Profile: Girls Aloud for Eylure Eyelashes

Girls Aloud have joined forces with Eylure to create their own range of eyelashes - a match made in marketing heaven! Shovelling on make-up of transvestite proportion, these girls rock the glamorous showgirl look at all times onstage so I'm sure they'll be a major part of ensuring the falsies boom keeps soaring.

They're £5 each and the girls designed their own sets for their favourite eyelash look (can you have a favourite eyelash look? I just like 'em big). I never thought I'd say this, but I prefer Nicola's. Ah, Girls Aloud: guys want to be with them, girls want to be them - that step closer with these bad boys.


16 April 2009

Paul & Joe Corinthe Dress

The Paul & Joe Sister Corinthe silk dress seems to be sold out everywhere. I love the bold pink aztec print on this bad boy and can see myself skipping around Cannes next month in it with stonking black heels, if I can find it.


New Photofusion Studio

The excellent Photofusion in Brixton is opening a new studio. Photostudio is excellent for renting out their studio, hiring out equipment, offering framing and printing services and providing courses and general support for photographers. (They should pay me for this whole-hearted endorsement).

They also have pretty good curators. I've been to some cracking exhibition openings there. If only they served Champagne instead of Chardonnay, they'd be in the top 5 'favourite galleries' list...  Anyway, the studio launch party is on Saturday 25 April, from 17:00 to 19:00.

Matthew Williamson for H&M

I can't wait for the new Matthew Williamson range at H&M.

Launching on 23 April, Vogue is hosting a special preview evening on 22 April (details below). The collection looks hot and I already have my eye on this fabulous peacock dress which has already been seen on Katy Perry and Nicky Hilton, stateside:

Damn those slebs getting their hands on not-yet-launched clothing...

Vogue is giving you the chance to shop the collection a day before it becomes available worldwide. On Wednesday, April 22, join Vogue and H&M for an exclusive preview evening from 6.30pm to 9pm, enjoying cocktails, canapés, beauty treatments and DJing from the Voguettes.

To apply, email voguehm2009@condenast.co.uk including your full name, address, telephone number and email address. See you there!

15 April 2009

Biba Diva

Biba founder Barbara Hulanicki has designed her own wallpaper for Graham & Brown. I particularly love the 'diva oyster' pattern and colour (below) for a muted and tasteful nod to the 60s. Her first collection - launched late last year - reflects the Nouveau styling of Biba which, combined with the metallic finish, offers a fresh, modern update on retro chic.

I adore patterned wallpaper, but I'm reluctant to religiously follow interiors trends for fear of looking back in ten years and scoffing in the way we scoff at, say, olive bathroom suites. The current obsession with wallpaper does wonders for companies like Graham & Brown, who have joined forces with some impressive names to design gorgeous limited edition rolls, like this gorgeous print from the fabulous Basso & Brooke:


14 April 2009

Zoe Saldana Shines in Grey

Zoe Saldana looks stunning at a Star Trek press launch. I had no idea sci-fi conventions/ events were so chic...

I love grey, I love draped jersey and I love this girl's look. She's gorgeous and the Stateside answer to Thandie Newton. She's playing Uhura in J.J. Abrams upcoming film so her star will rise (lame sci-fi reference; I hope you appreciate).

The Flying Ducks

I love this modern take on the retro home staple: the Flying Ducks, in resin from Dotcomgiftshop.

I love this website - it's such a great place for easy gifts for everyone and finishing touches for your home; especially those who like baking cakes, taking tea, vintage style and Union Jacks.

9 April 2009

Raspberry Blouse

The kind you find in a second hand store... I love the detail on this beautiful raspberry pink patterned blouse, although I'd prefer to dress it with a contrasting fabric rather than a double-whammy of satin materials and shiny textures...

This was shown at E.Y. Wada's Aw09/10 collection during New York Fashion Week back in February. Raspberry's going to be all the rage for girls and brave boys.

8 April 2009

J'adore la typographie

Bad Typography is everywhere. Good typography is invisible. Although, good typography is often so good it's the only thing one sees. Or I see, anyway. Craig Ward designed this poster, and other funny prints playing with words and his tag is 'words are pictures'. Damn right.

7 April 2009

Saint Cheryl

On the Marie Claire website today, the results of a 3,000-person vote for the 'most stylish woman of the decade' seem pretty shocking. Cheryl Cole Are you kidding? Of course she's adorable, and undeniably hot, but she - unfortunately for her - rode the wave of an early 00s girl band, meaning denim, all-white ensembles, bright lycra dresses, sportswear and cornrows. Stylish for a Newcastle estate, at a stretch.

Since then she's hired a great stylist who in the past 18 months has revamped her image contrasting her down-to-earth style with sexy dresses, bold colours, trademark big 60s kitten hair, killer heels and bronzed, polished skin. But I reckon she's got a few more years worth of proving herself and her style credentials before lauding this title! Chav girl gone chic, but not of-the-decade chic...
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