15 April 2009

Biba Diva

Biba founder Barbara Hulanicki has designed her own wallpaper for Graham & Brown. I particularly love the 'diva oyster' pattern and colour (below) for a muted and tasteful nod to the 60s. Her first collection - launched late last year - reflects the Nouveau styling of Biba which, combined with the metallic finish, offers a fresh, modern update on retro chic.

I adore patterned wallpaper, but I'm reluctant to religiously follow interiors trends for fear of looking back in ten years and scoffing in the way we scoff at, say, olive bathroom suites. The current obsession with wallpaper does wonders for companies like Graham & Brown, who have joined forces with some impressive names to design gorgeous limited edition rolls, like this gorgeous print from the fabulous Basso & Brooke:


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