7 April 2009

Saint Cheryl

On the Marie Claire website today, the results of a 3,000-person vote for the 'most stylish woman of the decade' seem pretty shocking. Cheryl Cole Are you kidding? Of course she's adorable, and undeniably hot, but she - unfortunately for her - rode the wave of an early 00s girl band, meaning denim, all-white ensembles, bright lycra dresses, sportswear and cornrows. Stylish for a Newcastle estate, at a stretch.

Since then she's hired a great stylist who in the past 18 months has revamped her image contrasting her down-to-earth style with sexy dresses, bold colours, trademark big 60s kitten hair, killer heels and bronzed, polished skin. But I reckon she's got a few more years worth of proving herself and her style credentials before lauding this title! Chav girl gone chic, but not of-the-decade chic...

1 comment

Mr Christopher said...

I think her sportswear is just fine.

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