30 October 2018


Apart from the past couple of weeks, thanks to a combination of stress, hormones and change in temperature, my skin has been pretty happy with me sticking to a proper regime of complementary products, all from the same brand.  Like most bloggers, I'm lucky to be sent lots of makeup and skincare, so I have a rather scattered approach to my routine, trying new products all the time. But a few months ago, Dermalogica invited me to join its Skinfluencer ambassador program, and being brand-loyal is working...

Dermalogica Skinfluencer full skincare regime - luxury beauty blog


26 October 2018

Blue Topaz

I once read that you should match your jewellery to the colour of your eyes. As blue is my favourite colour, I'm happy to get on board with these topaz pieces kindly sent by luxury online jeweller Blue Nile.

Blue Nile Blue Topaz jewellery - luxury style blog


22 October 2018

Hostal de la Gavina

For Julien's birthday last September, I booked a weekend on the Costa Brava in northeastern Spain to make the most of the last of summer, staying at the incredible five star hotel Hostal de la Gavina for an indulgent, sunny couple of days' R&R.

Emma Louise Layla at Hostal de la Gavina Spain - luxury travel blog


5 October 2018


I'm fascinated by orientalism in 19th century art, architecture and music, particularly the works of Russian composers in the late 1800s.  Whilst I appreciate that orientalism throws up issues of appropriation, prejudice and cultural hegemony from Imperialist Europe, taking the body of work at face value, I love the lyrical, thematic storytelling which conjures up opulent harems, travelling caravans on the Silk Road, and voyages of discovery.

Scheherazade by Rimsky-Korsakov & Russian Orientalism in music - culture blog

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