Apart from the past couple of weeks, thanks to a combination of stress, hormones and change in temperature, my skin has been pretty happy with me sticking to a proper regime of complementary products, all from the same brand.  Like most bloggers, I'm lucky to be sent lots of makeup and skincare, so I have a rather scattered approach to my routine, trying new products all the time. But a few months ago, Dermalogica invited me to join its Skinfluencer ambassador program, and being brand-loyal is working...

Dermalogica Skinfluencer full skincare regime - luxury beauty blog

Last month, I had an appointment at the shiny new Duke of York Square flagship store, and was told off for not wearing SPF every single day.  Every single day since, I've been wearing SPF50 in the anti-ageing Dynamic Skin Recovery moisturiser - I've been taking the SPF50 Solar Defense Booster on holiday for years (it's my favourite sun protection brand for my face; P20 for body), but my Irish skin apparently needs factor 50 at home too.

Dermalogica's latest launch is the Rapid Reveal Peel, a professional-grade skin peel formulated with AHA extracts, lactic acid and fermented plant enzymes, which you can do at home, with no down time.  I'm a big fan of acids and exfoliants, but after leaving a chemical peel as red as a London bus earlier this year, I'm happy to take it down a notch with a slightly gentler at-home version.  The pack comes with 10 x 3ml single use tubes, which you use for three days in a row to kick start cell renewal, then use the remaining seven once a week to maintain brighter, healthier skin.  I'm half way through using them, but so far so good - I especially like that it takes just a few minutes once a week; everyone can make time for that.

Another new favourite is the Biolumin-C Serum packed with vitamin C to brighten skin, reduce pigmentation and the appearance of fine lines, accelerate cell turnover, calm skin after oxidative stress and help quench free radicals.

1. Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50,  2. Rapid Reveal Peel,  3. Biolumin-C Serum,  &  4. Daily Microfoliant

The award-winning Daily Microfoliant is Dermalogica's number one exfoliant - it's a gentle, rice-based powder with salicylic acid which you activate with water, massage gently for a minute and rinse clean for smoother skin.  I like it, but I don't love it - I've got a travel sized bottle too and it lasts for ages, so I'm going to stick with it for a few months and see.

To remove makeup, I've been using the Precleanse oil which turns into a milky emulsion when you add water, followed by the soap-free foaming Special Cleansing Gel which I'll definitely be buying again.  I haven't started using the Medibac Oil Free Matte SPF30 yet, but it was recommended for me as I have oily skin, and will be using factor 30 throughout the winter from now on!