Rugs are a tough decision. My brother recently spent a good couple of months choosing a rug for his new flat, putting together a dedicated board on Pinterest of his shortlist and whittling it down to a navy and cream chevron print. As Chief Interior Design Consultant for my family, I like to think that I contributed to his excellent choice because I'd probably choose the same.  That or a geometric black and white patternintricate, bold print or just a neutral, chunky textured woollen one.  Here's some rug inspo to brighten up your Wednesday.

bright cheerful dining room stripy rug

cool chevron rug

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stylish rugs for living room

geometric patterned rug

busy patterned crazy carpet

diamond pattern chunky cool rug

navy blue and white chevron stair runner

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dark blue and white stripy living room rug

thick textured chunky ribbed carpet

chunky cream natural wool rug

smart patterned chevron print rug

bold tile print geometric tile patterned rug

blue and white zigzag carpet

tyre print carpet

natural pale neutral rug

royal blue and white zigzag rug

bold striped carpet

burnt orange cream chevron rug

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thick bold zig-zag striped rug

chunky woollen rug

neutral beige cream chevron rug