28 May 2010

Chinti and Parker

I've recently discovered luxury womenswear designer duo Chinti and Parker who specialise in organic cottons, cashmere basics and well-fitting jersey. 

They're currently experimenting with new materials such as bamboo as they continue their environmentally friendly focus and are another name to add to the ever-expanding green fashion list...  Soft draping + eco jersey + grey = yes please!

Friday's ffffound

I ffffound this image of Alice Dellal - unfortunately I don't know the magazine source as it's uncredited.  I'm not a fan of double denim, or in fact most denim, but this is pretty cool.

11 May 2010

AGA launches cool new colour

Pearl Ashes from AGA is the epitome of pared-down chic - perfect for contemporary and traditional kitchens - and is set to become a design classic.

 While the AGA cooker has been a kitchen icon for more than 85 years, the company behind it moves with the times, introducing colours perfectly up-to-date and relevant for today's home.

Stylish, sturdy and glossy - I'm a big fan of AGAs and I'm especially keen on this new icy blue colour.  I rent and this is obviously out of my budget, but if I was in the market my name would already be on the list.

AGA cast-iron cooker in Pearl Ashes, £4,995


10 May 2010

Kelis fronts River Island campaign

Comebacker-of-the-moment Kelis has been chosen to front high street comeback River Island's new Graduate Fashion Week womenswear line.

Designed by past GFW students who now work for River Island, the collection includes PVC bodycon, micro minis and big statement jewellery. Perfect for Kelis and a great pairing; I hope the advertising campaign sees her continuing the theatrical make-up, crazy bodypaint and Avatar-esque style winning streak.

I'm still all over Acapella - it's so the song of the year so far and I'm gutted I missed Kelis headline the Together party at The Coronet in Elephant and Castle on Friday night.  She performed with Tinchy Stryder and Afrika Bambaataa and it went on 10pm-5am.  I bet I missed a night and a half...

7 May 2010

Friday's ffffound

This makes perfect sense.

Future Must-See: Undertow (Contracorriente)

Contracorriente is the impressive debut feature film of Javier Fuentes-León and won the 2010 Sundance World Cinema Audience Award.

The film continues Latin-America’s exploration of ‘magical realism’ in modern cinema. I'm a sucker for world cinema and I've read nothing but good things so I look forward to its release this summer.

Capturing the hidden beauty of the sweeping Peruvian coastline with stunning photography, this haunting, bittersweet tale of a unique love-triangle set within a small fishing village, explores the quest to define contemporary sexual identity, confronted by dogma and tradition and the forces of courage, honor and truth that compel us to challenge them.

Summer 2010 - theatrical release date TBC

Give Politics the Finger

Bring the world of politics to your fingertips with a collectable gang of MPs, immortalised in knit. Including:
  • Oh my Lordy, it’s Labour Gordy
  • David-by-Gosh-he’s-Posh
  • Nick Clegg-what a good egg
I like relevant seasonal products, even if they're jumped on by the press and PRs and rarely bought (really, how many people have bought a teeny tiny knitted Clegg to carry around in your pocket?).  Still, fingerpuppets make novel gifts.

Limited Edition Political Fingerpuppets from Rubbish, £10 each
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