Future Must-See: Undertow (Contracorriente)

Future Must-See: Undertow (Contracorriente)

Contracorriente is the impressive debut feature film of Javier Fuentes-León and won the 2010 Sundance World Cinema Audience Award.

The film continues Latin-America’s exploration of ‘magical realism’ in modern cinema. I'm a sucker for world cinema and I've read nothing but good things so I look forward to its release this summer.

Capturing the hidden beauty of the sweeping Peruvian coastline with stunning photography, this haunting, bittersweet tale of a unique love-triangle set within a small fishing village, explores the quest to define contemporary sexual identity, confronted by dogma and tradition and the forces of courage, honor and truth that compel us to challenge them.

Summer 2010 - theatrical release date TBC