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9 February 2016

14 February is just around the corner: we're in prime hint-dropping territory!  My single friends think Valentine's Day is rather depressing and my married friends think it's a nonsense Hallmark holiday, but I relish any opportunity to celebrate and spoil loved ones - whether it's splurging and going all out on your other half or just doing cards, going somewhere special for dinner or cooking something nice together at home, I like to do something.

A dozen red roses - classic Valentine's Day gift - lifestyle blog


8 February 2016

Polo necks are still everywhere this season for men and women, trickling down from retro 70s looks on the catwalk to the high street over the past year, from big chunky wool jumpers to ribbed funnel necks and fine knit cotton polos to slip under dresses and layers while the weather's still cold.

Green midi skirt and navy blue polo neck - London fashion blogger Emma Louise Layl


3 February 2016

The new Goldea Eau de Parfum is the first standalone women's fragrance from Italian jewellery house Bulgari in over a decade. Alberto Morillas wanted to capture the essence of Bulgari and create a scent like its jewels: luxurious, sophisticated and sparkling and the end result is a rich, radiant scent centred around musk.

Bulgari Goldea new eau de parfum fragrance - London beauty blog


29 January 2016

What's black and white and red all over?  Why, it's today's outfit!  You can't go wrong with colourful accessories paired with simple black and white and this is one of my favourite outfits at the moment...

Emma Louise Layla in black Barbour fedora hat - London fashion blogger


Pink watercolour balloon print - London design blog