15 November 2022

Japanese Prints

I'm currently holed up in my bedroom, sat with my laptop on my bed, surrounded by furniture as decorators sand the floors and paint the walls in the other rooms.  We moved into this flat last December with a five week old baby (would not recommend!) and it's taken a while to make this place feel like ours.  I had dozens of interiors choices to make, from kitchens to curtains, paints to planters, and I lacked the motivation after putting the baby to bed and cooking dinner to research options and make a bunch of decisions.  I've slowly been ticking things off the list, but now Raphael's settled in at nursery, I've had the time and bandwidth to pick up the pace.

We plan on hanging a few pieces of Japanese art on our freshly painted walls, to remind us of our travels and the special place where we got engaged.  Here's my current shortlist of Japanese botanical/ landscape/ vintage prints from Etsy - one of which will be added to my Christmas wishlist shortly...

contains affiliate links (I could receive commission on any items purchased on Etsy after clicking through)

Bamboo by Kōno Bairei - Vintage Japanese print - Japanese art on Etsy

Hiroshige, Yamashiro Province - The Togetsu Bridge in Arashiyama (Yamashiro, Arashiyama, Togetsukyô) - Japanese Prints on Etsy

Forest Illustration by Wantabe Seitei - Japanese Woodblock Poster - Oriental Art on Etsy

Vintage Japanese poster with red Crane Bird illustration art print - Japanese Prints on Etsy

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