My family is big on Christmas mugs.  We've each had our own since I can remember and we pack them up in the attic with all the decorations so we only see them in December. The collection has grown so that guests can join in the festivities, but if someone drinks from my mug (a tasteful Dickensian hand-painted Christmas scene) they are in serious trouble.

Emma Bridgewater red and white Christmas mugs

As I'm spending Christmas in Paris (and of all the things I thought about bringing, my childhood Christmas mug was understandably quite low down the list), I'm in the market for a new one.  And who do you go to for wholesome crockery?  Emma Bridgewater, obviously!

Christmas mugs by Emma Bridgewater

The English homewares brand has brought back the Christmas town design from a couple of years ago and have a new pattern featuring winter animals in snowstorms.  All handmade in England too.  Also check out the nice home-y festive accessories from fig-scented candles, pretty printed crackers, twinkling tealights and glass baubles for the tree.