6 May 2013


Established in London in 1989, French Sole sells pretty flats and ballet pumps in an array of colours, fabrics and trims. Like every other girl in the past ten years, I've owned many pairs of ballerinas and always have a pair in my bag when I'm on the go in big heels, and I've come to the conclusion that it pays to buy from specialists, because with flat shoes, it's all about a sturdy sole and good quality leathers.

My black glitter Pretty Ballerinas have already lasted longer than the preceding black patent leather Jaeger pumps and my metallic Lucy Chois are still in perfect condition, despite alternating between the two most days.  So no more ASOS and Topshop flats for me.  Next up on my well-made, sensible shoes acquisition list is a versatile pair of French Soles.

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