I have a soft spot for coloured glass; I like arranging vases and bottles on windowsills, using little jars and pots as candle votives and clear, coloured pendant lampshades as the light looks so pretty shining through it.

coloured glass pendant lampshades

I have more vases than I'll ever need (as a hoarder, I collect glassware, Russian dolls - with a few Momiji dolls too - and vintage tins, none of which I need) but these multicoloured flower bottles from Dartington Crystal are so pretty I think I might have to add one to my collection.

coloured glass vases on a rustic wooden table

Dartington is a classic wedding registry and gift list brand; my parents had the full wine glasses set (they could have even been a wedding gift) when I was growing up, along with every other middle class household in Britain in the 1980s and '90s. The British company has been producing high quality glass and crystal products since it was founded in 1967 and the majority of designs are still handmade in their original factory in Devon.  My shopping mantra is to buy good quality and, where possible, buy British.  Two important boxes ticked with these.