New Season Boden

New Season Boden

I opened the curtains with childlike wonder yesterday morning, which lastest all of two hours before London's snow melted completely. Cold weather is great when there's a sparkling white blanket over everything, but rubbish when it's the grey skies in between, which is what we've reverted to now. Roll on Spring.

Roll on blue skies, flower buds, bright green new grass, longer days and shorter nights. Roll on not having to carry around a big winter coat which, no matter how stylish, pretty much ruins most outfits... Roll on vivid colours, floral prints, new season patterns and Boden's cheerful SS13 collection.

Button Back Jumper in soft blue classic spots

coral red Draycott Skirt

emerald green Audrey Jumper

The Shirt in monochrome polka dot

the clash

polka dot double whammy

Mad Men called and they want their 60s-inspired Wardour Dress back (love)

clashing pastels in sorbet shades

fruit salad stripes

Isn't it gorgeous stuff?  I think it's quite possibly the best Spring/ Summer collection yet.