When I moved house I discovered amongst the boxes of childhood tat and keepsakes a diary from when I was nine years old, filled with absolute gold. Things like 'sat next to Julia all day today!', 'just heard that Bridget Jones is bring turned into a film, yesssss!' (I'm impressed and appalled in equal measures that my mum let me read Bridget Jones' Diary aged nine) and 'went to IKEA today and chose some pretty candles, nice candlesticks and cool cushions!'.

Many years on, not much has changed. I still like Julia, Bridget Jones (1 & 2) is firmly up there as a classic (book & film) and my soft spot for Scandinavian interior design has turned into a full on obsession.

I've just come across this minimal, Scandi style Neostil Inside Theo Lamp White from fashion and interiors store Goodstead. It's a multi purpose light fitting which can be fixed to a wall, shelf or can be used as a desk light. I love bare, unfussy lighting and although I don't usually like exposed bulbs, this is an exception to the rule.