This time last year I was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the first time. My boyfriend spent a year at UPenn, so he showed me round when we were over in New York for Christmas and here are a few very belated photos of our great trip there.

I went to the world famous Geno's, where the Philly Cheese Steak was (arguably) born in 1966 - although that claim is contested by Pat's over the street, serving the same dish and also claiming to have created the sandwich.  Either way, if you're gonna try a Philly Cheese Steak, this is the street to have it on...

Rocky steps

We walked round the university grounds, visited the Liberty Bell museum, one of the oldest residential streets in America, climbed the Rocky steps (yes we did run up them and punch the air, along with everyone else), walked around the deserted streets of West Philadelphia and ate at the fantastic Oyster House where two dudes shucked some incredible fresh shellfish in front of us.  The walls were decorated with antique and unusual oyster plates from all over the world and I've thought about our delicious visit there so many times since.

The National Historic Landmark Elfreth's Alley, which dates back to 1702

Robert Indiana's original LOVE sculpture

geeked out over that font
one of the many street food trucks

 Benjamin Franklin chillin'

yeah man, girl power