I remember going into the Tezenis store on Oxford Street when it opened a few years back and thinking that it was like the GAP of underwear; cheap and cheerful, simple basics but not much to write home about. I concede that I may have unfairly dismissed the Italian lingerie brand...

Amongst the plain t-shirt bras, soft jersey easywear/ loungewear/ homewear/ nightwear(/ whatever you call it) and comfortable cashmere knitwear, there are some beautiful sets at impressively low price points.

Earlier this week, I met with Tezenis's lovely PR who showed me the latest collections at the London flagship. There are plenty of stripes, vichy prints, floral patterns and different kinds of lace in soft, powdery tones and vivid bright colours to complement this season’s spring pastels.

I liked some pretty pieces decorated with bows, but went for the versatile option and chose this sheer black lace polka dot set as I was drawn to the 50s high-waisted Dolce Vita pants and sexy take on a slip. From the shaping line, these pieces offer a technical touch to shape the profile for a perfect silhouette without sacrificing glamour.

The shaping push-up bra (£15.99), culotte (£9.99), panties (£6.99) and matching underskirt (£14.99) all come with transparent detail and lace trimmings.

If you fancy treating yourself/ your boyfriend this Valentine's Day at jolly good value for money, visit Tezenis pronto.