(More) Typography Prints

(More) Typography Prints

My BFF bought me this print for my birthday.  She knows me well - I love:
  • Typography
  • Prints
  • Champagne
  • Dancing on the table
All in equal measures.  I have about twenty font-heavy prints now (see here and here) and so it's in good company...

TIME TO DRINK CHAMPAGNE AND DANCE ON THE TABLE print by The Contemporary Home from good old notonthehighstreet.com.

'We think this is the perfect way to party and that this is a lovely gift for anyone who feels the same!'

Actually, I don't think I blogged at the time (despite being totally enamoured with it and that's pretty much all my blog is - an "oh my God, I love this" list), my other BFF gave me the British Isles Type map print below from Bold & Noble last year after she remembered I mentioned how much I liked it two years before. 

What awesome gifts (and walls!) and thoughtful girlies, LOVE YOU GUYS.