Peter Blake at Paul Stolper Gallery

Peter Blake at Paul Stolper Gallery

Last night I went to the exhibition opening of Sir Peter Blake's Paris Suite at the Paul Stolper gallery in Bloomsbury, comprising twenty silkscreen prints on paper.

The collection of work depicts whimsical scenes in the French capital featuring its people and landmarks. I love the contrast between the black and white and the colourful; the palette of the soft pink, primrose yellow and pale blue skies is uplifting and I love art including collages.  These three are my favourites, and absolutely gorgeous.  I will have a Peter Blake in my apartment one day soon.

Women With Their Pets, 2010

Famed for his Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band cover for the Beatles, the prolific pop artist has a varied style but clearly enjoys assemblages as it’s a defining style of a lot of his work.

The Day The Seine Froze

DID YOU KNOW that both Peter Blake and Quentin Blake were born in the UK in 1932, but they're not twins? THEY'RE NOT EVEN RELATED.  You may have known this, but I did not.  I was scorned at last month's London Art Fair opening after wondering out loud if they were related after commenting on the similarity in handwriting.  Turns out their signatures aren't that similar after all anyway...  I should probably delete all this last bit, it isn't very interesting.

Peter Blake: The Paris Suite runs 18 February - 19 March; 10am - 6pm Wednesday to Saturday

Men With Their Pets, 2010