Primark's Louis Vuitton Dress

Primark's Louis Vuitton Dress

Wow, check out Primark's Louis Vuitton rip-off dress from the label's feminine AW2010 collection.  Sheer plagiarism!  Slightly lacking in volume, but a netted skirt underneath could give it the 50s nipped-in-waist, full-flaired-skirt boost required.

I like the belt even though I'm not normally a, er, tan fan - it works with the delicate floral print and the whole thing is all very Italian summer...  I'm going to wear it in Tuscany.

Black LV-Look Dress with Belt, £15

The fact they call it 'LV-Look' makes it OK - 'inspired by' rather than 'stolen from', huh?   It arrives in Primark stores in February and is certain to be a blink-and-you'll-miss-it sellout. 

I won't leave the Oxford Street flagship without it, even though I've struggled with finding Primark items before and I promised myself over a year ago that I wouldn't buy any more low-quality, unethical cheap Primark tat.

BUT, this is the exception to the rule.  Gimme that tat.

The oft-imitated Louis Vuitton