M&S Lace Up Patent Purple Mix Shoes

M&S Lace Up Patent Purple Mix Shoes

I was in M&S a few months ago and was deliberating over these heels. There is absolutely no need for me to have them as I have about six black pairs, about three purple pairs, several patent pairs and so I couldn't justify purchasing them to my discerning friend, so I didn't.  Or rather, I wasn't allowed.

So imagine my surprise and delight last month walking through the store when I saw they were on sale from £29.50 to £9.  Nine quid for a pair of shoes? Thank you very much...
  • Limited Collection Lace Up Patent Purple Mix Shoes
  • 'Modern and contemporary, these fabulous shoes will see you through the season in style'
  • Impossibly cheap even by British high street standards. 
AND you'll be thrilled to hear that I'm wearing them today with great aplomb.