27 April 2010

Graham and Green Large Multi Faceted Wall Mirror

I love this huge statement mirror from Graham and Green which was on the December cover of Homes & Gardens, alongside a similar faceted mirror sideboard gracing Livingetc's December cover.

A multi-faceted wall mirror is a stylish way of introducing more light into a room. When natural light is allowed to reflect from each multi angled piece of glass the space becomes lighter and feels airy, casting beautiful reflections around the room.

There's always a need for statement mirrors, but I physically don't have the spare wall space to accommodate the 102cm x 102cm size at the moment. Damn.


Unknown said...

I love this mirror!xx

Mr Christopher said...

That would totally work for our flat... but not for £400.

Emma Louise Layla said...

If only I could arrange a 50%... It's gorgeous! x

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