31 March 2009

The Milk Jug by Seletti

I think I first saw the porcelain take on everyday items at Thorsten Van Elten at the Grand Design Show two years ago, but they still delight and amuse!

This porcelain milk jug (£10) from Seletti is witty, simple and quirky - if I needed another milk jug, this would be top of my list. Do I need an excuse to have two?

Ceramic milk carton by Seletti. This white ceramic milk jug has been inspired by old traditional cardboard milk cartons and measures 15 x 7cm.

Coggles is selling it amongst other cheap and cheerful modern kitchenware and design-led homeware, perfect for gift ideas.


Kate Moss for Topshop SS09

Better than her last few collections, Kate Moss launches her ninth season today for Spring/Summer 2009. The grown-up collection features sensible pieces tinged with rock and roll embellishment, heavily influenced by Liberty prints and soft seventies patterns. I love this winged cardigan, the coiffed curls and the deep berry red lips. She sure does scrub up well...

I'm even swayed by the denim jumpsuit in this shot. The collection hits Topshop stores today, and no doubt will be sold out by tomorrow evening.

27 March 2009

Friday's ffffound

From ffffound - this little display is made of paper. I can't remember what it's called when you make pretty patterns from curled strips of paper, but my Mum made me do it as a child and it never looked this fun.

NY Times Eco House

This new-build eco house in California shown in the New York Times 'Building Green Cheaply' feature is just gorgeous; especially the whole window-wall of glass in the master bedroom.

Made of a prefabricated steel shell with concrete, glass and acrylic walls and concrete sprayed onto wire mesh the house has super-green credentials such as recycling water for irrigating the garden and solar energy panels.

Shredded jeans encased in wire mesh insulate the ceiling and walls of the living room. Red-lacquered Ikea cabinets, topped with the same black-stained concrete as the floor, define the open kitchen.

Raspberry Louboutins

Love these magenta Lapono Louboutin shoe boots. There is a God. This is a great accent colour for all the raspberry and rich jewel shades going round - shame they're not current season but where there's a will...

26 March 2009

Swedish Cottage Bird House

Sadly not too many birds in central London, but if I had the huge, sprawling garden of my dreams this adorable Swedish cottage would be top of my wishlist:

Swedish cottage bird house, £50 from Notonthehighstreet.

This quirky caravan's pretty cute too:Caravan birdhouse, £9.95 from Firebox.

25 March 2009

Topman 7UP Jumper

I wish I was a boy so I could wear things like this 7UP jumper from Topman. It runs the risk of being a bit Flight of the Conchords, but I like it. I also like that is comes in XS so I can wear it and dress like a boy. Hoorah!

(PS. And I love my brother very much for buying me it.)

Blue Boots

Ooh, come here and get on my feet: 

You can do anything but lay off of my blue shoe boots... BOUGHT.
  • Tie front shoe boots
  • All-over high shine snake effect
  • Concealed platform and slim heel
  • Thank you ASOS

24 March 2009

David LaChapelle - Shoes to Die For

I love this hilariously-titled David LaChapelle photo - I saw the original, which was huge, glossy and extortionate and I'd love to see it in a massive, white hallway.

23 March 2009

Livingetc Armoire

Browsing the Livingetc galleries, I came across this picture - can you imagine having a regal dressing room like this? Gorgeous.

"Update a classic armoire with a coat of pearlised paint. Team with tactile velvet and gleaming mirrors for old-school opulence. Find a similar armoire at Lucy Willow."

Enrico Coveri

I swooned (haven't said that for about ten years) over this dress at Paris Fashion Week and browsed Enrico Coveri's gorgeous, bright and fun collection:

I love the cut and volume, and the fruity, tropical colours but I wouldn't wear this with fishnets... He seems a chatty little chap on his website. The blurb on his homepage reads:

"The brightness of colour and the prevalence of chromatism, the exuberant fantasy of prints, the taste for eccentricity and enjoyment. Then there’s the vivacity of the constructive lines and constant ornamental research. These are the guidelines of fashion by Enrico Coveri."


20 March 2009

Burberry Prorsum Leather Gloves

I just bought these fierce Burberry Prorsum leather gloves and I can't stop staring at them. I already have dozens of pairs of leather gloves, and I already have elbow length black leather gloves, but I don't have ones with zips on. Who says I can't start a collection?  I'm going to wear them tonight, despite the mild weather...


19 March 2009

Karl the Bitchy Queen

I love this needlessly bitchy comment from Karl Lagerfield, featured on Vogue's 'Today in History'.

Karl Lagerfeld spoke out about his feelings on short people in 2003: "What I hate is nasty ugly people...the worst is ugly short men. Women can be short, but for men it is impossible. It is something that they will not forgive in life...they are mean, and they want to kill you."

18 March 2009

Favourite Momiji Doll

Top of my wish list today is this 'Favourite Person' Momiji Doll to add to my growing collection. Cute little Japanese doll collectors' items? Yes please.

Each Momiji doll has a character; Favourite Person likes rye bread and Blue. Momiji Dolls are a series of collectible friendship dolls. Each doll comes in a see-through bag with its own collectors card. Inside the base of each doll there's a tiny card to write a teeny message.

17 March 2009

Clive Owen in Armani

Clive Owen told this month's GQ that he wore only Armani in his latest film, saying 'he designed every single piece of clothing I wear in the movie', at his request. Trusting him to choose his wardrobe to suit the character is quite a leap of faith.

He's a damn cool guy. And he looks damn good in Duplicity...

16 March 2009

Butterfly Wings

I love these abstract shots, especially the butterfly-inspired one.

13 March 2009

Friday's ffffound

Vintage publicity artwork from ffffound. How cool is this? Definitely George Harrison...

12 March 2009

Barbie's 50th Anniversary Catwalk Show

I need to find a job which allows me to dress like this.

This is House of Field for Barbie and I love it - more zebra catsuits, please.  “It’s been my honor to dress some of the most glamour women in the world and Barbie is creational among the ultimate it-girls!” exclaimed designer Patricia Field.

The 101 Most Heinous Errors In Print

I just laughed my ass off at some of these featured in The 101 Most Heinous Errors In Print.

One of my favourites being the first image showing a deformed Rachel Bilson on the cover of GQ (weird bendy leg if, like the designers, you don't spot it). It seems half the graphic designers in the world need a little Photoshop training!

11 March 2009

Art Art Everywhere

Tonight I am going to this exhibition opening at the James Hyman gallery on Savile Row, then dinner at Hush! in Mayfair.


Water Water Everywhere suggests the alchemical or religious significance of water as an element essential for life, as well as its particular national resonance.


Peter de Francia. Art World Drawings is the artist’s first London exhibition since his solo show at Tate Britain in 2006, and follows the recent exhibition Peter de Francia. Modern Myths, which toured the United States in 2008.

10 March 2009

Karl Lagerfelt

I love this little guy! Karl Lagerfelt did the rounds at New York Fashion Week...

Karl is a serious fellow. Serious about fashion, that is. He is a felt puppet that will fit a very thin modelesque type finger, pencil, or pipe cleaner. He is wearing a hand sewn Italian-like suit with stylish tie and starched collar. He also has his trademark ponytail. Basically, he's extremely fun for parties and is always in style.

Are you allowed to put a finger puppet on your wishlist past the age of four?

Salvatore Ferragamo

I love the slouchy city chic outfits sent down the catwalk at Salvatore Ferragamo in Milan last week. Very grown up and very relaxed.

9 March 2009

Jamie Theakston's House

Jamie Theakston is featured in this month's Livingetc showing off his gorgeous house in west London. Who knew he had such good taste?

People who have houses crammed full of weird and wonderful objects are just brilliant. I love Livingetc and I love clean, minimalist living - but sometimes you want every nook and cranny full of things to look at. Or maybe I'm just an ├╝ber-Magpie...

6 March 2009

Friday's ffffound

Because I'm feeling mighty summery...

From ffffound, via Juju. I'm increasingly drawn to images of meadows at the moment and I'm yearning for greenery for picnics and parasols.

5 March 2009

Patent Pink Moccasin Pumps

Today I am wearing my new pink patent moccasin pumps from Dorothy Perkins and they are making me very happy indeed. Nothing puts a spring in your step quite like a pair of girly new shoes. Especially when they're pink. Especially when they're patent... Especially when you get change from a twenty.


4 March 2009

Second Must-Have Dress for the Spring

Well, it's the second must-have dress I've seen this spring (is that premature, just because it's bright outside?) but it'll be a must-have when it's out this autumn. I love grey - even though the style screams party dress, soft jersey in a muted colour makes it wearable and sophisticated.

This gorgeous piece was sent strutting down the catwalk at New York Fashion Week as part of Carlos Miele's AW09 collection. Isla Fisher wore an asymmetrical Carlos Miele gown to the Golden Globes - who's going to be the lucky girl who steps out in this bad boy? VB? Beckinsale? He's latino - Longoria? Lopez? Answers on a postcard!
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