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30 March 2017

Last month I went to the Coliseum to see the English National Opera's production of Rigoletto, set in 1950s Little Italy in Jonathan Miller's iconic New York staging.  Giuseppe Verdi's three-act opera is one of the best-loved in the repertoire and tells a tragic story of jealousy, vengeance and sacrifice.

English National Opera's Rigoletto at the London Coliseum - UK culture blog


17 March 2017

Philippe Starck Ghost Chairs in the dining room - interior style blog
We're about to move into an unfurnished flat (I'm surrounded by dozens of stacked boxes as I type - oh joy) and I'm trying to convince my boyfriend about Philippe Starck's iconic ghost chairs for the dining table...


13 March 2017

A few weeks ago, we navigated the busy Thursday night crowds in Covent Garden, walked down to Maiden Lane and through the bright green patterned door of the casual, vibrant Indian restaurant Cinnamon Bazaar for a delicious dinner.

Cinnamon Bazaar Indian restaurant, Covent Garden - London lifestyle blog


8 March 2017

Essie is up there with Nails Inc as my favourite nail varnish brand.  I love their products, gel manicures and ballet, so when I heard that they were bringing out a collection of ballet-inspired nude shades in their gel couture range, I wanted them all...

Essie gel couture ballet nude nail varnishes - UK beauty blog


6 March 2017

The weather's doing odd things at the moment: we've had rain, sun, gale force winds, hailstone, rainbows, showers and everything in between in the past week.  Trans-seasonal dressing is tricky at the best of times, but I've spent the past few days running all over London with scarves, gloves, hats and umbrellas in my bag.  So on the breezy but relatively mild weekend just gone, I relished carrying a small bag and wearing minimal layers.

Green and black outfit - London fashion blog


1 March 2017

Like most girls my age, I grew up loving the 90s classic Beauty and the Beast, singing along (I still seem to know all the words to Belle) and dreaming of living in an enchanted chateau, swishing around a grand ballroom in a beautiful ballgown.  Hell, I still do.  Of all the Disney remakes, this is the one I was most excited about, so I was thrilled to go to the London premiere last week.  The film is SO good and my Emma Watson girl crush has soared to new heights.  There are lots of exciting collaborations to promote the new film, but this is my favourite...

Latest in Beauty x Beauty and the Beast limited edition beauty box for women