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12 May 2017

Macchu Pichu, Peru - travel blog
Signing off for sixteen days as I'm flying out to Peru today and visiting South America for the first time - hasta luego!


10 May 2017

After five days in Hanoi, we hopped on a rather bleak overnight train to Sapa in northwestern Vietnam for a day of hiking through terraced rice paddies, past fields of wild animals, small villages and the local black Hmong and red Dao tribes before catching the sleeper back to the capital.

Sapa rice fields, Vietnam - travel blog


8 May 2017

I'm much more of a silver girl than gold - with blue eyes, quite fair skin and dark hair, I've always gravitated towards cool colours over warm colours, so the majority of my wardrobe is black, greys and blues (have I mentioned I like blue dresses?) paired with silver jewellery.  But every now and then, gold jewellery catches my eye and these star pieces from Newbridge Silverware did just that.

Gold jewellery and vintage Jaeger jacket - UK style blog