Stories Parfums

Stories Parfums

I'm currently obsessed with Stories Parfums, a cool, up-and-coming fragrance brand created in 2018 by Tonya Kidd-Beggs, who has crafted two beautiful, unique, gender-inclusive scents.

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The award-winning No. 1, my favourite, is an intoxicating, citrussy eau de parfum which lingers on the skin for hours, opening with a delicate touch of jasmine, invigorating bergamot and grapefruit, cedarwood and sweet figs at the heart, and mellow amber and warm sandalwood base notes.  The heady, smoky No. 2 has aromatic rose top notes, spiced ginger and cardamom middle notes, and honey tobacco and musky cedarwood base notes.

Both eau de parfums are available in a 30ml size perfect for your travels (whenever they may resume), 100ml for your dressing table and a dinky 15ml for your handbag.  The scents are also available as a gentle, foaming hand & body wash and light, luxurious hand & body lotion.  If you're in the market for a new, unusual perfume, I'd definitely recommend trying one of the small bottles as a tester - and upgrading your bathroom rituals with the bath and body products too, because we all deserve a little at-home spa time at the moment...

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