Reframing indulgence as self care, I've been going for a massage or facial at least once a month for over a year.  For some people that's normal, but for others (hi mum) that's being an extravagant lush, a label I'll gladly embrace if it means taking an hour to myself every few weeks to relax and unwind, and emerge feeling refreshed.

Facegym Coal Drops Yard, King's Cross - London lifestyle blog

Slightly different to the typical serene spa environment, but equally enjoyable, is FaceGym - a modern studio offering workouts to lift, tone and tighten facial muscles, which launched in the UK in 2016.  Founded by Inge Theron, the Financial Times' Chronicles of a Spa Junkie columnist, FaceGym offers non-invasive facial workouts to exercise the many underused muscles in the face and neck, using kneading movements, sculpting hands, stimulating tools and tailored serums.  The treatments promote lymphatic drainage which stimulate blood circulation and collagen production, and are like a mini temporary facelift with no post-treatment redness.

Facegym Coal Drops Yard, King's Cross - London beauty blog

I first visited the King's Cross branch in the new Coal Drops Yard shopping district last year on my birthday.  I went for the Signature Workout and chose the Clear Skin Training Serum to improve congested skin and protect against pollution, and left with more defined cheekbones and glowing skin which felt tight and lifted, but not uncomfortable.

Whether you want perking up for a special occasion or want to fight the droop, I'd recommend a treatment for women and men, all skin types, all ages; basically anyone who thinks the 43 muscles in their face might benefit from a little lift.

FACEGYM Coal Drops Yard, Stable St, London N1C 4DQ
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Facegym Clear Skin Training Serum - UK beauty & lifestyle blog

Facegym Coal Drops Yard, King's Cross - London lifestyle blogger

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Facial at Facegym Coal Drops Yard, King's Cross - London lifestyle blog