Okayama Sakura Carnival

Okayama Sakura Carnival

I have had the best first 36 hours in Japan.  Admittedly, the late night packing, 11.5 hour flight and 7 hours' sleep across two nights was pretty monstrous - but when we arrived, we fired up on coffee and walked for an absolutely ludicrous 28,000 jetlagged, increasingly weary steps, because: when in Rome.  I've wanted to go to Japan forever, but Japan during cherry blossom season?  You march on through that jetlag...

I took 698 photos on our first day, as we were hit with an overwhelming, unbelievable amount of cascading pale pink and white petals on pretty much every street corner.  We spent day one in Tokyo, then took our first Shinkansen bullet train to Okayama 658km south east of the capital, for more breathtaking views of Japanese natural beauty (and plenty more photos).  The Okayama Sakura Carnival spreads across two banks of a canal, with dozens of trees in full bloom, paper lanterns, food stalls, picnicking families and...  me taking a bunch of selfies, lit up at dusk with my new LuMee iPhone case.  I think I'm my most snap-happy ever - what an awesome introduction to one of the most intriguing, beautiful countries in the world: follow our trip on my Instagram and expect many more posts coming soon.  In the meantime: Happy Easter!

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