Your Lip Service

Your Lip Service

I recently received an oh so exciting delivery: the new royalty-inspired lip kit from my favourite makeup brand, Charlotte Tilbury.  At Your Lip Service is a trio of three beautiful lipsticks fit for a Queen...

Charlotte Tilbury Your Lip Service lipstick trio - UK beauty blog

My go-to statement lipstick for the past year or so is Charlotte Tilbury's award-winning, best-seller The Queen, which is the perfect pinky crimson red.  The bright pop of colour suits so many colourings, and if you're a fairly fair-skinned brunette like me, give it a go - it's bound to suit you too.  I'm just about to run out of it, so I was excited to get a replacement, along with another two shades joining the royal line-up...  On the left, we have Legendary Queen in the award-winning matte revolution formula and a warm, deep wine red shade, suitable for a vampy look or those with darker skin tones.  In the middle is the new limited edition lipstick The Duchess in the K.I.S.S.I.N.G finish and a sophisticated, girly dusky rose shade ideal for the daytime.  It's creamy and waxy for a long-lasting, moisturised everyday look, and might just be crowned my new favourite lipstick...  Get yours here.

Charlotte Tilbury Your Lip Service, lipsticks fit for  a queen - UK beauty blog

Charlotte Tilbury Your Lip Service royal lipsticks lip kit - UK beauty blog

Charlotte Tilbury Your Lip Service lip kit - UK beauty blog