Soigné Nails

Soigné Nails

I'm currently trying out some nail varnishes from Soigné, a luxury French brand which creates sophisticated polishes with eco credentials: the products are vegan-friendly, made from up to 85% natural ingredients, with a 5 Free formula, no nasty chemicals and no animal testing.  I'd tried their deep red Betteraves Rouges from the Latest in Beauty x Beauty and the Beast box before, and was curious about their new highly reflective limited edition mirror polish, Le Miroir...

Luxury French nail polishes from Soigne Nails - UK beauty blog

The Oxygen Base Coat preps nails well and leaves them smooth and ready for colour.  Next, two coats of Le Miroir, which is NUTS: it gives nails a high shine silver chrome finish, but it doesn't last very long.  After a few hours, scuffs start to show and the mirror effect is kind of buffed off.  But for those first few hours, I couldn't stop staring at my ten little mirrors at the end of my fingertips...  It's great for the 'gram, or for a special event.  You don't use a top coat with this one, but I've also been wearing the pretty pink Limonade Rose and finishing with the super glossy Gel Effect Top Coat, which makes your mani last a good 3-5 days.  Have you tried Soigné yet?

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Soigne Le Miroir mirror shine nail varnish - UK beauty blog

Soigne Nails Le Miroir metallic silver nail varnish - UK beauty blog

Soigne Nails UK nail varnishes - beauty blog

Soigné Nails Le Miroir metallic silver nail varnish - UK beauty blog