RPR Haircare

RPR Haircare

I'm pretty low maintenance with my hair - it's long, thick, wavy and does not do as it's told.  I wash it twice a week, blowdry it and occasionally make the effort to curl it, but most of the time I'm sporting unruly waves because life gets in the way.  I'm long overdue a cut and finally getting a few inches chopped off this week so it looks and feels healthier.  And I want to keep it that way - step in RPR haircare...

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I hadn't heard of Repair My Hair before, but it's a family-owned, boutique salon brand from Australia which uses botanical actives enriched with proteins, amino acids, vitamins and fresh, natural fragrances.  The products are paraben-free, come in recyclable packaging and they're not tested on animals.  I was recently sent these three intensive treatment products, perfect for repairing hair at the end of summer when the sun's harsh rays, sea salt and chlorine has taken its toll.

The Rejuvenate My Hair Treatment promises to restore youthful strength and shine with RPR's signature blend of rosehip, inca, baobab and biotin.  The Smooth My Ends Treatment protects split ends and conditions frizz with soothing aloe vera, invigorating lime and refreshing green tea.  The Repair My Hair Treatment - my favourite - nurtures dry, damaged and coloured hair with an intensively moisturising formula of keratin protein and aloe extracts: apply generously to freshly washed hair, leave for ten minutes and rinse for a beautiful smelling, glossy finish.  Your hair will thank you for it.

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