29 November 2016


I'm currently trying out Lancer skincare from the acclaimed Beverly Hills dermatologist to the stars Dr Harold Lancer. The go-to doctor in Hollywood created a skincare range so his specialist anti-ageing treatments would be available to everyone, and the celebrated three-step Lancer Method promises improvements in skin tone, texture and appearance.

Lancer Skincare The Method 3-Step - luxury beauty blog

The simple routine starts with polish: a brightening exfoliator made with pure minerals and plant enzymes, which removes dull skin cells and stimulates radiance and regeneration. Next, cleanse: as I'm prone to breakouts, I opted for the blemish control cleanser which is a revitalising cleansing gel featuring salicylic acid, tea tree and peppermint oil to slough away dead skin cells, remove daily impurities and leave skin feeling fresh and clean. The final step is nourish: a lightweight anti-ageing moisturiser packed with nutrients and antioxidants to stimulate a youthful glow and boost oxygen levels. I've only been trying the range for a couple of weeks but so far I'm impressed. The polish is my favourite product - the exfoliant crystals are small and gentle, the tingling peppermint leaves a warming after-effect and it works as a resurfacing treatment - my skin looks shinier and more uniform, and definitely feels softer. Check out the range below.

Discover the Lancer three-step method & see more beauty features

Lancer Skincare The Method 3-Step - luxury beauty blog

Lancer Skincare The Method 3-Step - luxury beauty blog

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