31 October 2016


Some weekend mornings you can't even be bothered to scramble eggs for breakfast. This weekend was one of those weekends. In the past six weeks I've started a new job, had a friend over for a few days, had my nephew's Christening and my Dad stay with us, went to a wedding in Burgundy, a wedding in Devon and a hen party in Somerset; all back to back. On top of that I've been getting used to a long commute (a difficult adjustment after three years of cycling to and from work through my beloved Regent's Park, sob), and I've had two colds in four weeks. My boyfriend was away so after a hectic September and October, a nice quiet weekend at home to recuperate - and an extra hour in bed on Sunday - is just what the doctor ordered.

Belvita breakfast biscuits in bed | UK lifestyle blog

I made a pot of Earl Grey tea, chopped up an apple, fired up some Chopin, grabbed Harper's Bazaar, my book and a basket of breakfast goodies delivered from Belvita, and went back to bed. Belvita biscuits are one of my favourites for on-the-go breakfasts and long bike rides - I don't have a sweet tooth and can't stomach lots of sugar first thing or during sport (don't get me started on gels) so nutritious wholegrain cereals, honey and nuts rolled up into a baked biscuit for those days you're running out the door (or just fancy being lazy) does the trick nicely. I read for a couple of hours with no distractions, no urgent emails and nowhere to be, before jumping into a bath for a restorative soak with one of Bvlgari's gorgeous bath tea bags and a Fresh antioxidant face mask to round off a much-needed indulgent morning. I hope you enjoyed your extra hour too.

in collaboration with Belvita

Belvita breakfast biscuits in bed | UK lifestyle blog

Green carnations | UK lifestyle blog

Belvita breakfast biscuits in bed | UK lifestyle blog

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