The summer sale is on at Petit Bateau: stock up on iconic breton stripes, classic wardrobe essentials and colourful cotton tees and underwear.  Here are my ten favourite womenswear looks on sale online at petit-bateau.co.uk and in stores now.

Petit Bateau women's two-material trompe l'oeil dress - womenswear sale
two material breton stripe dress

Petit Bateau breton stripe t-shirt as seen on Kate Middleton - the Duchess of Cambridge style
stripe t-shirt as seen on the Duchess of Cambridge in the centenary issue of British Vogue

Petit Bateau women's print bikini - womenswear sale
print bikini

Petit Bateau women's light cotton t-shirt with gold sailor buttons - womenswear sale
cotton t-shirt with copper nautical buttons sailor stripe jersey shorts

Petit Bateau women's long sleeve breton stripe t-shirt - womenswear sale
breton stripe t-shirt with coppers buttons

Petit Bateau padded tubic cotton stripe cardigan - womenswear sale
padded cotton cardigan

Petit Bateau women's one-piece sailor stripe swimsuit - womenswear sale
sailor stripe swimsuit

Petit Bateau women's red cotton vest top - womenswear sale
red cotton vest

Petit Bateau women's stripe bikini - womenswear sale
sailor stripe bikini

Petit Bateau women's striped jersey dress - womenswear sale
blue stripe dress