Festival season is almost upon us! Magazines/ papers/ social feeds are filled from Coachella in April right through to Bestival in September with who played where and who wore what - and there seems to be more and more every year. I love festivals: I've been to Leeds, V, Secret Garden Party, Reading, the now-defunct Big Chill, Lovebox, T in the Park, Truck, Wireless, Hop Farm and Latitude... and this year I'm going to Glastonbury for the first time!

Emma Louise Layla cartwheeling at Reading Festival

I'm excited but also slightly nervous as it seems intimidatingly full on; 200,000 is a lot of people and five days is a long time to be in a little tent.  When I'm back from Asia I'll start thinking about what to pack alongside these top ten festival essentials.

1. Two pairs of shades - preferably inexpensive ones, as one pair will probably get snatched off your head/ sat on/ broken. I'll be taking some cheap and cheerful ones.

2. Raincoat - I love Petit Bateau's iconic mac - for puddles, mud and the obligatory summer downpour(s).

3. Wet wipes - packs and packs of them, for mornings when the queue for the shower is just too long... Oh and a bottle of hand sanitiser to carry with you everywhere. And definitely, definitely bring some Batiste dry shampoo.

4. Wellies - I'll be taking my sturdy patent black Hunter boots and another good pair of stylish footwear which can handle days of mud and dust.

5. SPF lotion - too many sunburnt lobster people at festivals! Drinking cider all day makes everyone forget about sun damage, but it's so important to make sure at least your nose, cheeks, shoulders and chest are protected.

Reading festival

6. Flip flops - I would probably rather stay dirty then get in those showers without flip flops. An absolute must.

7. Fringing - it isn't a festival without some fringing! Always around during summer anyway, the 70s boho style is particularly strong this year. Browse ASOS's festival shop for inspiration. Personal choice, but I'd say leave the denim cutoffs for the teens.

8. Bumbag - I think the old school childhood favourite is the best way to carry your essentials. Rucksacks are a hassle and you can't feel them in a big crowd and I've snapped a cross-body bag strap at a festival before, so I'll be stocking up on a couple of American Apparel bumbags fanny packs.

9. Fancy dress - not everyone's cup of tea, but I quite like a little silliness: I'll probably take some fun fake eyelashes, metallic tattoos and wear lots of bright colours, but that's about it. To the people in hot, sweaty lycra bodysuits: I salute your dedication.

10. Tent etc - oh yes, the sensible stuff. Tent, roll/ yoga mat, sleeping bag, pillow, blow-up mattress if you're fancy, torch for seeing inside your tent and toilet trips in the night, PJs and a warm jumper for chilly evenings, phone charger, extra battery, lots of cash (I hate those ATM charges), water bottle, daily change of underwear, mini toiletries, painkillers, ear plugs if you're a light sleeper and TICKET. That's an important one.

Are you heading to any festivals this year?