3 March 2015


Argentine dance troupe Tango Fire recently performed their new show Flames of Desire for two weeks at Sadler's Wells sister theatre, The Peacock, which I saw one Saturday night last month.  I've seen a fair share of different types of dance - salsa in Havana, flamenco in Sevilla and in Valencia and lots of fusion ballet and contemporary styles over the years - but this was the first time I'd seen a proper tango show and it was just as I'd expected: energetic, sensual and passionate.  They're dubbed Argentina’s hottest dance company for a good reason.  They're also the world’s leading tango company and a global phenomenon with sellout seasons across the globe and a YouTube audience of 18 million, so it's a good place to start.

Tango Fire - Flames of Desire - Sadler's Wells February 2015

The cast, including World Tango Champions, comprises several sets of couples: the girls in slinky satin or beaded thigh-split dresses, fishnet tights and heels are paired with men with slicked back hair in slightly naff three piece suits in matching colours.  The group perform one-handed lifts, spins and lead dancer German Corneo's choreography in twos or fours (while costume changes took place) and altogether in ensemble pieces to a live band performing classic tango music on stage.  I would love to watch a show like this one hot summer's evening in a Buenos Aires dance hall; it felt like the real deal.  One for the bucket list.


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