I got a bit of a telling off on my last trip to the hair salon.  Quite rightly too.  I cut about five inches off last autumn before moving to Paris, and as much as it was needed (my long hair, especially after a summer in the sun, wasn't in great condition at all) and as ridiculous as it sounds (as it was still shoulder length), it was too short.  As a little girl I could sit on my hair and this was the shortest hair I'd ever had as an adult - I wanted to grow it out, so I didn't go for a haircut...  For ten months.  Ahem.

Marco Aldany hair salon, Mortimer Street London W1

Step in Marc Aldany - or rather Daniel, the charming dude at the Mortimer Street branch of the Spanish salon brand - to save the day, trim off the unhealthy bottom couple of inches, slather on some Wella Salon Professionals conditioning treatments and the smoothing keratin luxe oil spray - made with argan, jojoba and almond oils to transform texture - and remind me never to neglect my hair for that long again.

Marco Aldany hair salon, Mortimer Street, W1

Marco Aldany is inexpensive for a good, central salon and they have a loyalty program - buy seven haircuts and get your eighth free.  I've got my loyalty card and I'll be back (in weeks instead of months) - thanks for sorting me out, team MA!

Marco Aldany, 83 Mortimer Street, London W1W 7SL