23 August 2014


I am somewhat of a crisp monster.  Always have been, always will be.  When I heard about Dilly & Wolf, a new British brand set up by Ben Fogle and ex-M&S food product developer Annabel Vere Nicoll, making healthy, nutritious crisps, I made a mental note to try them all.  Handmade in the UK, baked instead of fried and using British ingredients, Dilly & Wolf uses unusual, global flavours chosen for their taste and texture as well as nutritional value and sustainability, by working with British farmers, producers and independent suppliers.

Dilly & Wolf healthy crisps

Featuring nutrient-rich ingredients, unrefined sugars and good fats, their guilt-free snacking comes in the form of British Pea, Wasabi Macadamia and Chilli Nusters (a Japanese-inspired hot and spicy nuts mix), Spicy Roasted British Pea, Onion & Chilli Nusters (clusters of Indian-inspired roasted nuts and protein-rich peas mixed with six spices), Sweet & Spicy Spelt & Chickpea (a moreish blend of chickpeas, grains and pulses mixed with fennel seeds) and, my favourite, Hebridean Sea Salt, Seaweed & Malt Vinegar Chisps (a malty, slightly salted virtuous blend of pulses and spelt).  Stock up on the tasty little 35g tubs at Selfridges.


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