5 June 2014


German bath and bodycare brand Kneipp has been making natural and organic products since 1891.  The products range from herbal bath salts to essential oil soaks and two new fruity flavours have been added to its body washes.

Kneipp natural body washes

The zesty Enjoy Life Body Wash made with natural may chang and mood-enhancing lemon essential oils is a great way to start the day and the Cheerful Mind Body Wash, made with passion fruit and grapefruit oils, awakens the senses during morning showers.

The unique soap-free formula (when combined with water, each product releases essential oils) is gently cleansing, leaving skin moisturised and lightly scented.  They smell delicious, but the best thing is that there are no nasties in them: made with plant-derived active ingredients, they're dermatologically tested, pH balanced, alkaline free with no preservatives, parabens, paraffin or silicone.  Just the good stuff.

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