In April I attended a cocktail party at the MATCHESFASHION.COM townhouse in Marylebone for Silhouette's relaunched line of Futura sunglasses. The iconic sunglass style was relaunched this year as Silhouette celebrates its 50th anniversary.  The original model was first available in 1974, when glasses poster boy Elton John wore them at a stadium concert, they were worn on magazine and album covers, sent down the catwalk and even 70s Barbie had a mini version of the Futura sunnies.

Silhouette Futura sunglasses launch event at the Matches townhouse
great for those who dare and for making a statement on the slopes

Its lightweight, streamlined design is both futuristic and retro; the new version is a reinterpretation by designer Gerhard Fuchs and the sleek, minimalist shape is made from a modern SPX+ polymere composite, which means they're flexible (good for skiing) and appears to almost hover on the face, without screws or hinges.

Silhouette retro Futura sunglasses worn by Tali Lennox
The campaign was photographed by Peter Lindbergh in Los Angeles with model Tali Lennox