24 June 2014

Brasserie Lipp

Brasserie Lipp is somewhat of a Parisian institution.  On the Boulevard Saint-Germain opposite Cafe Flore (another much-loved famous Paris establishment), the old school restaurant has been serving up good, classic French food since it opened its doors in 1926 and has served Proust, Hemingway, Camus, Jean Genet and Simone Signoret and numerous artists, intellectuals and politicans over the years.

Brasserie Lipp - iconic Paris restaurants

Brasserie Lipp art deco interiors

The original interiors are still in tact, with dark wood panelling, etched mirrors, brass light fittings and decorative belle epoque ceramic tiles.  It's got that authentic vibe old French restaurants and brasseries have - chunky plates, snobby, abrupt bowtie-wearing waiters (known for banning mobile phones) who slam your plates down onto heavy white tablecloths before storming off and a no-reservations policy. Bonjour, queues.

Brasserie Lipp - must-visit Paris restaurants

Brasserie Lipp - must-visit Paris restaurants

Brasserie Lipp specialises in cuisine from the Alsace region, where the founder LĂ©onard Lipp was from, such as the highly-recommended choucroute, blond beers and Riesling.  We started with oysters and shared the choucroute (sauerkraut with pork, sausages, ham and more pork) and the buttery melt-in-your-mouth lemon sole which fell off the bone.

Brasserie Lipp - must-visit Paris restaurants

It's fairly expensive, as you'd expect from an iconic dining establishment in a city overrun with tourists, but whether you stop off for a full on meal, or just a glass of champagne or carafe of wine for a spot of people watching from one of the best addresses in the 6th arrondissement, it's a must-visit when you're on the Left Bank.

Brasserie Lipp - must-visit Paris restaurants

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