1 April 2014


A trip to Paris isn't complete without visiting Ladurée.  Even though the luxury French macaron house opened a London branch in the Covent Garden piazza back in 2005 (plus the café inside Harrods), visiting the Champs-Elysée tea salon is still on every girl's list when in the city of lights, so I went several times during my time there.

Laduree, Champs Elysee, Paris

I whiled away a couple of hours over afternoon tea when my friends and my mum visited, trying out different flavours and sipping from the pretty pastel crockery.  The  iconic double decker macaron as we know it first appeared in 1862 when Pierre Desfontaines sandwiched two macaron shells and ganache filling, which took the newly-opeend Parisian tea room by storm.  The recipe remains the same today.  I'm going back to Paris later this month and I'm tempted to swing by the counter to pick up a charming little box of rose petal ones...

The best macarons from Laduree, Champs Elysee tea salon

Laduree, Champs Elysee, Paris

Laduree, Champs-Elysee, Paris

Laduree, Champs Elysee, Paris

Laduree store, Avenue des Champs Elysee, Paris
wearing my checked Boohoo coat avec ma mère.  Peace out!

Emma Louise Layla on the Champs Elysee Paris


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