25 April 2014


My fragrance of the summer is going to be Acqua di Parma's latest to join the Blu Mediterraneo group of six unisex scents, Ginepro di Sardegna.  Inspired by the gorgeous Italian island of Sardinia, the fragrance opens on a fresh note with juniper berries, spicy pepper and nutmeg before evolving into woody cypress, sage and cedarwood which smells beautiful on the skin as it warms up throughout the day and into the night.

Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Ginepro di Sardegna

The Blue Mediterraneo collection - which celebrated its 10th anniversary last year - takes us around the beautiful landscapes of Italy with its different natural ingredients, from bergamot in Bergamotto di Calabria, to almonds in Mandorlo di Sicilia, orange in Arancia di Capri, figs in Fico di Amalfi and myrtle in Mirto di Panarea.

Acqua di Parma Ginepro di Sardegna new fragrance

Acqua di Parma Ginepro di Sardegna new fragrance

I normally opt for really feminine, floral or fruity perfumes so it makes a refreshing change to wear something slightly more sophisticated and elegant.  Launched only last month, the bright ocean blue glass bottle is currently sitting pretty on my bathroom shelf about 3/4 full, so I'm pretty sure I'll be stocking up again by the time balmy evenings and summer holidays actually come around. In the meantime, I'll just smell like them...


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