Today I'm wearing this short-sleeved (because after this weekend, I'm pretty much rolling out my summer wardrobe now - London in the warm spring sunshine is glorious) camo Karl Lagerfeld dress.

Fashion blogger Emma Louise Layla Karl Lagerfeld camouflage dress with the army boys in Hyde Park, London
with my silver Moschino bag, white Nike wedges and the army boys in Hyde Park 

I had not one but TWO pairs of camouflage combats in the late 90s due to my obsession with All Saints and I had steered clear of the print since then until I bought this dress on The Outnet last summer.

Since moving back from Paris to Londres last month, I have no internet, so please excuse my blog absence and the fact that I'm using six month old, pre-shoulder-length-haircut photos here.  I'll update you with plenty of posts after the internet finally arrives in my new flat...