I am currently trying out some new haircare products from award-winning hair stylist Phil Smith after being sent the damage protection SOS Rescue and argan oil Total Treat ranges to revive my dull hair this winter.

Phil Smith SOS Rescue and Total Treat haircare ranges

A beauty PR blew my mind the other month when she told me to avoid blowdrying after putting argan oil on, as it causes damage.  Which seems obvious to me now - it's an oil, of course it would - but I've been slathering my damp hair in Morrocanoil for years.  So I was really keen to try the Argan Oil Cream, a soft, lightweight cream with all the transformative benefits of the oil which help lock in moisture to nourish dry ends and restore smoothness.

The Damage Protection Shampoo and Conditioner feel rich and leave my hair feeling shiny too.  Plus, each product is under a fiver, so it's a perfect little January treat which won't cause further damage to your post-Christmas bank account.